Adorage Effects Package 11 - HD Global Travel & Flags FX - descarga gratis - hotfile

Adorage Effects Package 11 - HD Global Travel & Flags FX - descarga gratis - hotfile

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adorage effects package 11 - hd global travel & flags fx | hd video effects / 0.8 gb

containing more than 5000 travel-themed filters and transition effects in hd.

"travel effects" – with over 100 international flags, the continents and lots of outlines of individual countries. also containing ingenious compositions of all these features, in hd resolution throughout. the effects and transitions in adorage effect package 11 make it child"s play to combine national and international symbols with the moods of a travelogue. you can of course enhance sd footage with the effects contained in this package too.

this package offers you a range of amazing effects for your video productions. and these are the themes:

* over 100 flags of various nations

* plus flags for the themes olympics, motor sport and wedding

* continent outlines as transition effects or sophisticated filters

* country outlines for use in transition effects

* flag borders to add atmosphere to your footage

bonus included in this package:

* sophisticated globe effects

* effects with route animation capability for an aircraft, ship etc.

the best adorage effects ever – in adorage volume 11!

* multicore support for superfast rendering

* easy-to-use effect selection with the effect browser

* improved handling

* new video filter plug-ins for a wider range of uses

our recommendation to users of other adorage effect packages:

get all the above benefits by installing adorage 11 to tune your "old effects"!

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