Global Agenda (2010)

 Global Agenda (2010)

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Hi-Rez Studios (producer) 
MMOs / role-playing game 
01 lutego 2010 (Global release date) 
currently no plans to release (the date of issue in Poland) 
01 lutego 2010 (U.S. release date) (NTSC) 

Szpiegowsko-tactical MMORPG engine using the Unreal Engine 3 Action Global Agenda is set on Earth in the XXII century.

Global Agenda is the debut of an independent game studio developer Hi-Rez Studios. It is embedded in the very near future szpiegowsko-tactical MMORPG engine using the Unreal Engine 3 Developers put in a departure from conventional reality, which usually are embedded MMOs (fantasy, space, battlefield). Action Global Agenda is set on Earth in the XXII century. Players as trained and equipped with the latest gadgets, special agents are involved in a variety of missions taking place in the invisible war waged on the knowledge and technology.

Production includes the main features of RPG - the possibility of their own creation as well as the selection of qualities and skills that are developing the game. Built by our agent must protect his secret identity, but also gain new information (which set out in the game world are at a premium), protect it and extend its influence action.

We can also join the agency, bringing other players or create your own, and operate within them, taking part in the technology race to develop the knowledge to enable the most advanced weapons. Actions taken by the agencies affected by the events and locations in the game world.

Global Agenda also contains many elements of action games. We participate in dynamic battles waged at a distance or in close quarters, both in solo missions as well as those held in co-operation. We compete not only with the agencies created by the authors and existing from the beginning of the game world, but also those of other players folded.


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