Global Kiss (2010) descarga gratis hotfile

 Global Kiss (2010) descarga gratis hotfile

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steve oliver - global kiss (2010)

steve oliver - global kiss (2010)

jazz, smooth jazz | mp3 vbr ~190 kbps | 48:10 min | 66 mb

label: som entertainment llc | original release date: march 30, 2010


01. fun in the sun

02. global kiss

03. long road

04. barcelo

05. life goes on

06. ba aye

07. sunlight within

08. fearless

09. another place (interlude)

10. true vision

11. take me away (distant shore)

12. angel amore

product description

more than a decade ago, guitarist and vocalist steve oliver burst onto the contemporary jazz scene with a sound so fresh, so positive, so bright, that he immediately became a favorite on círculo stations with songs like west end and highway one. the weather channel loved his music so much it put right direction into heavy rotation during its local weather breaks. smooth jazz news magazine named oliver its debut artist of the year. now, after four studio cds, a christmas project and a cd that captured his infectious live-on-stage energy, oliver on march 30 returns with global kiss on som entertainment. as the title makes clear, global kiss expands oliver s repertoire with its world-music energy while retaining the lyrical melodies and song hooks that have made him a fan favorite. 12 all-new original songs, all written by oliver. although oliver plays a guitar synth he designed for the carvin guitar company one on which he can trigger orchestral, brass, piano and other sounds global kiss is enhanced by top-notch studio musicians and several songs were recorded live in the studio. oliver has one of the most compelling and warm voices in contemporary jazz, which he shows on global kiss three vocal tracks: life goes on, fearless and take me away (distant shore). influenced by the world-music sounds of timeless artists such as peter gabriel, pat metheny and ralph towner, as well as the wordplay of more contemporary artists like john mayer and jason mraz. steve oliver, an innovative artist using his guitar and voice like no one else.



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