Global Mapper v11.02 DC042310 x86 - descarga gratis

 Global Mapper v11.02 DC042310 x86 - descarga gratis

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global mapper v11.02 dc042310 x86

global mapper v11.02 dc042310 x86 | 38 mb

global mapper also includes the ability to directlyaccess multiple online sources of imagery, topographicmaps, and gridded terrain data. this includes accessto worldwide high resolution color imagery fromdigitalglobe (watermarked access for free), detailedstreet maps from, and access to theentire terraserver-usa database of usgs satelliteimagery and topographic maps free-of-charge. globalmapper also has the ability to easily access wms datasources, including built-in access to elevation dataand color imagery for the entire world, and to viewelevation and vector data in true 3d with any loadeddata draped on top of it!


"support for viewing basic formats

"direct access to digitalglobe, terraserver-usa, wms and other sources

"support for viewing 3d landscapes

"circumcision, redesign and merge any combination of raster data and elevations

"digitization of new vectors with the possibility of moving

"compatibility with gps devices via a computer serial port or usb port

"support the conversion between a large list of design systems and source data

"export in vector and raster data

"graphic correcting any jpg, tiff or png image and save results in new image

"creation of units for any combination of these hills

"loading and displaying jpg images with embedded exif data on the position

"support for nasa world, google maps, existido earth

"and many other possibilities

1. read nfo

2. unpack

3. install

4. use the included serial


thank you for downloading and reading this article

have fun to all !!!


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