Global Operations (PC/ENG) - Juego gratis

Global Operations (PC/ENG) - Juego gratis

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global operations |pc| 443mb

clone of the mega-popular counter-strike. again, the pavorists, once again capturing the group. only this time with the engine lithtech 2.5 and a far wider area. you have to visit all the most loved of pavor (and, hence, contra) attractions. here and beirut, and mexico, and peru, and quebec, and sri lanka, and ...

and i did not take the place of pride ... chechnya ... grozny is made in landfills, and the omon fighters pulled treukhov construction battalion ...

we expect a team game popularity of the up to 24 people plus the single-player mode with bots. seven specialties - you can play for a commando, medic, sniper, demolition, and many others. etc. mass remarkable and certainly lethal weapons - 8 types of pistols, 4 rifles, 6 light machine guns, 6 assault rifles, 4 sniper rifles. also: improved networking mechanism and the complex physics engine, a clove of knowing science ballistics. kick-ass graphics and fully destructible environments. sea of pleasure and absolute realism, which will allow soldiers to train anti- pavorist organizations directly to your computer ... hmm ... but in the opposite direction, too, interestingly enough, works. do not be surprised if the first in the queue for the new game will be bin laden and khattab ...

genre: action (tactical / shooter)

developer: barking dog studios and crave entertainment

publishers: electronic arts

language: eng

platform: pc


minimum requirements: cpu 500 mhz,

128 ib, 16 ib video

recommended requirements: cpu 1 ghz,

256 ib, 32 mb video

size: 443mb