[TM] Bandmates Drummer Global Beats MULTiFORMAT (Compressed) Descargar Gratis

[TM] Bandmates Drummer Global Beats MULTiFORMAT (Compressed) Descargar Gratis

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[TM] Bandmates Drummer Global Beats MULTiFORMAT (Compressed)

Bandmates Drummer Global Beats MULTiFORMAT (Compressed) | 370 MB

More about Bandmates Drummer - Global Beats Building on a rhythm track with local style is often difficult. Instead, go global with Bandmates Drummer Global Beats and create super-vibrant, superbly balanced projects that will get everyone listening. We started with a traditional drum kit, then added slit-drums, bongos and other rich percussion instruments. The magic really began when we let loose with mallets, brushes, sticks and blasticks to produce a wonderfully well-defined, but balanced world style. Bandmates Drummer Global Beats adds unique, critical depth to any composition in the rock/ pop/ world and hip-hop genre"s.

Universal Download Includes: Apple Loops, Acidized Wave and REX2.

Product Details: 189 (206.4mb) drum loops divided into 10 different styles for the ultimate world groove experience. Each style includes multiple grooves (Verse, Chorus, Bridge Parts), fills and ending variations for superior loop onstruction.

For the Techies: Source material was recorded in 24bit. Recordings taken from premium acoustic drums and percussion and feature excellent performance and sonic detail.

As all fine Bandmates products, Global Beats features:

* Live professional performances (not multisampled MIDI instruments) for excellent sonic detail.

* Excellent versatility.

* Outstanding sound quality.

* A great compliment to Garageband, Soundtrack and Logic Audio.



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